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Why Choose Canvas Tote Bags?
Canvas tote bags are eco friendly, as they are made from renewable resources and are reusable so that you don't need to rely on the use of harmful plastic bags while out and about. This is especially helpful in areas where there are restrictions on the use of plastic bags, such as grocery stores and restaurants.
One great benefit of a large tote bag is that it can be worn over the shoulder, which frees up both hands so that you can do more on your day out. This is particularly beneficial when shopping, and is one of the reasons why this particular style is so popular with women.

If you’re looking for a unique way to personalize your canvas tote bag, consider adding a design with fabric paint. This process is easy for beginners, and only requires some basic supplies from a craft store. The first step is to heat the wax with a hairdryer to melt it into the canvas material and create an impenetrable bond.

This tote bag is ideal for business travel, weekend getaways or days at the beach, and it can be printed with your team or company logo. When you select the custom printing option, you’ll receive a virtual proof within 2 business days, and production will not begin until it has been approved.

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