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What kind of hat looks best in winter?
Hats are a very good decoration that can make our overall look more fashionable. Moreover, selecting the appropriate hat can not only create an illusion of a smaller face, but also keep us warm in winter.
There are three kinds of hat that are the most suitable for winter:
*There is no doubt that the first choice is the knitted hats
Knitted hats
are the most popular headwear during the winter, suitable for both men and women, as well as adults and kids. Knitted hats are generally quite stretchy, making them suitable for individuals of all head sizes. Knitted hats come in two main styles: round-shaped and pointed. No matter which kind of knitted hat, they always look stylish. Each person may have a unique experience when wearing the same knit cap. Additionally, the color of the knit cap can greatly influence the overall look and feel. Select a color that complements your personal style to make a fashion statement.

*The second choice is the beret hats, especially wool beret
The beret has gained immense popularity as a hat style in recent times. It exudes a warm, artistic and retro feel. Typically, the fabric and design of berets are quite broad. When worn, the beret hat creates a striking and substantial look. Interestingly, it can also make the face appear smaller. Whether paired with a coat or worn over a sweater, this beret hat possesses a certain enchantment that adds both elegance and fashion to any outfit.

*The third choice is the wool fisherman hat
The fisherman hat is also a very popular hat in recent years. People wear it all year round. The fisherman hat is a Japanese-style hat. It is very good to wear a fisherman hat when you want to go out, which can make you look very casual. In winter, you can choose a fisherman hat made of woolen fabric, which is less likely to deform and has more texture. Pairing it with a coat and windbreaker can create a strong British style atmosphere.

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