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These 3 hats are my top picks for wearing in summer, they can provide sun protection and shape your face!
When summer comes, the thing you fear most is the sun. You need a parasol when you go in and out every day, but that's too much trouble. So what should you do? Of course, choose a hat instead - A must-have item in summer.

Bucket hats have become extremely popular in the past two years. They are fashionable in style, classic in color, and they make your face look smaller. Many celebrities have a must-have one. It not only protects from the sun, but also looks good, is generous and fashionable, and is just right for going to the beach. 
- This retro and casual straw beach hat has a contrasting hollow design, which brings a cool feeling in summer. The bow on the back of the beach hat is the characteristic of the whole hat, adding a sense of playfulness. The large brim has a very good sun protection effect, looks cute and fashion.

- Of course, an empty top hat is indispensable in summer. It is a stylish hat. The most important thing is that it will not be easily deformed. The design of the large brim is good-looking and provides sun protection. It is also practical. It not only shape the face, but also outline the lines of the face. Gotta be thinner.

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