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Selection Guide For Empty Top Caps ( 2 )
The empty caps' design will surely catch your attention. The upper part of the cap is hollow, giving it a refreshing and cool appearance. Moreover, these caps are commonly referred to as "sun hats" due to their ability to provide shade and protect against the heat. If you appreciate simplicity and enjoy sports, a hollow hat is an essential accessory.
Look at elements
The printing of hats can be simple or complex. Letter printing and stripe printing are the most basic ones, and they can be used in both casual and street styles. The camouflage prints are much richer and more wild. You can choose some personalized prints, such as graffiti, hand-painted, etc., which have a hip-hop charm. The specific print will be determined according to the style of clothes that everyone usually wears. Simple styles will be much more versatile.

Embroidery is not uncommon in the design of hats, and it can be said to be the most "finishing" part. Embroidery mainly outlines the texture of the needle and thread, which enhances the layering of the hat itself and makes it feel very unique. Usually, sports logos and other patterns are embroidered, which is very unique and clever. If you want to add extra points to your outfit, it is especially wise to choose a hat with an embroidered design.

Patches are also a common sight in hats, and they appear particularly frequently in baseball caps and woolen hats. When you come to the empty top hat, you will find that patches are everywhere. The design of the patch mainly has a spliced texture, integrating the fabric of the hat and the fabric of the patch, which acts as a label and makes the wearing effect more outstanding. When choosing, you can look at the stitching lines of the patch. The one that is invisible and leaves no trace is the best. If you usually go out on the street, the patch design is very cool and is also an expression of your uninhibited personality.

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