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Selection Guide for Empty Caps (1)
The design of the empty caps will be eye-catching. The top part of the cap is hollow, which looks very refreshing and cool. In addition, empty-top hats are also called "sun hats", which have a good effect in shading and avoiding the heat. If you advocate simplicity and sports, a hollow hat is a must.
*Look at the materials
①Acrylic fiber
In terms of performance, it is somewhat similar to wool. It feels relatively soft and does not feel tight, but it is much more elastic. The biggest feature of acrylic fiber is that it is light-resistant and has a good sunshade effect. Acrylic fiber is not very resistant to alkali, so you need to pay special attention when cleaning, and the water temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will soften and ruin the appearance.

②Cotton material

Cotton is widely used in the production of empty hats. It has good moisture permeability and will not feel stuffy and sweaty when worn on the head. It is a relatively comfortable and refreshing fabric. The texture of cotton is mainly soft, so it is very skin-friendly and can solve the problem of high temperature in summer. However, cotton hats should be chosen carefully in terms of style.


Polyester is also called polyester fiber. Its texture is very different from the previous two. It is particularly smooth and delicate. It does not look like a low-key "matte texture". The advantages of polyester are good elasticity and toughness, and few wrinkles on the surface. So in terms of the shape of the hat, polyester is the best and can be stored more casually.

Look at the brim of the hat
①Short brim
The design of the short brim is similar to the baseball caps we usually see. Whether it is the length or the curvature, they have the same purpose. The short brim has a strong decorative effect and can be matched with many types of outfits without causing an abrupt illusion. The brim of this type of hat has a V-face shaping effect, which further blocks the flesh on the face and does not look so fleshy. Especially boys with round faces must try it.

②Wide brim

The wide brim is an exaggeration. Its volume and blocked area are both obvious. It can provide 360-degree sun protection without any blind spots. If you stay outdoors for a long time, it is still necessary to prepare. If you are worried that the brim of the hat is too big to block your sight, it will be much more convenient to choose one with a transparent design. In comparison, wide eaves are more practical than decorative, so boys who pay attention to practicality should consider it.

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