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How to wear a newsboy hat fashionably? Learn these tips and it will keep you fashionable all seasons.
As you can known from the name of the newsboy cap, its origin should be related to newsboys. It was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Due to food shortages, many children at that time had to do hard work such as selling newspapers and shining shoes on the streets to survive. These children all like to wear an octagonal hat, and gradually this hat is called a newsboy hat.
Because this kind of newsboy cap is comfortable and practical, it is also popular among adult middle- and lower-class workers. Later, with the development of the economy, gradually, the upper class began to wear such hats during leisure sports such as playing ball.

Later, many fashion style icons began to wear newsboy hats. The Duke of Windsor, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, etc. all had the classic shape of newsboy hats, and at the same time, it also set off a craze for newsboy hats. Today, with the rise of retro trends, newsboy caps are back in fashion again. Newsboy hats give people a feeling of both elegance and playfulness. They have good expressive power in modifying the face shape and are increasingly loved and respected by people in the fashion circle.

The neutral retro newsboy cap can not only neutralize excessive sexiness and sweetness, but can also be integrated with casual, formal and other styles. It is versatile and can modify the hair style. It is definitely a must-have accessory for autumn and winter. But with so many styles of newsboy hats, how do you choose? Let’s talk about the material, color and elements of newsboy hats.

1. Select according to material:
a: Leather newsboy cap
Compared with other materials, the leather newsboy hat is a relatively stiff newsboy hat. The biggest advantage of the stiff design is that it makes the brim of the hat more straight, which can better modify the face shape. At the same time, the stiff material does not have to worry about damaging the hairstyle. In the cooler autumn and winter seasons, leather newsboy hats can also play a good role in keeping out the cold.

b: Woolen newsboy cap
The woolen newsboy cap is also one of the classic styles of newsboy caps and is also loved and touted by many fashion people. Moreover, the woolen newsboy cap is a versatile item, and the classic style will never go out of style and will last forever. The retro and lively woolen newsboy cap brings the warmth of autumn with its soft and delicate woolen material. The brim of the hat is designed with a relatively hard edge and has the advantage of good breathability. It looks low-key yet elegant. It is fashionable and unique when worn, and it also has thermal insulation. It can be said that it has all three properties.

2. Select according to colors:
a: Classic colors - black, grey, white, beige
Black newsboy cap is always a classic and versatile choice. The calm and majestic black is inherently versatile. There is no pressure to combine any item. No matter which style you choose, it is a choice that cannot go wrong. If you want to make your look more refreshing but don’t want to miss out on the basic color, then a white newsboy hat is undoubtedly the best choice. The pure white newsboy hat is used to create a fresh and ladylike look. The white color can neutralize the tough characteristics of the hat, which is very suitable for creating a feminine look. However, it should be noted that the combination of pure white and dark colors can easily create an abrupt feeling, and the requirements for skin color are relatively high, so it is more recommended that you choose soft beige color.

Chromatic Colors
In addition to the basic black and white newsboy cap, you might as well try a colorful newsboy hat in the dull autumn and winter. The colorful newsboy hat brings a more obvious sense of playfulness to the look. It can also be matched with light-colored styles, which is refreshing and beautiful. Whether it’s blue, pink or red, it’s hard to go wrong. If you are a girl with darker skin and are worried that colorful newsboy caps will be difficult to control, the editor recommends starting with slightly lighter macaron colors, such as haze blue, dogwood pink, etc. These colors have lower saturation, so what? Can hold any skin color.
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