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How To Match A Woven Sun Hat?
The woven sun hat is a hat style that is very suitable for summer. It can often be combined to create many styles.
Bohemian long skirt + woven sun hat + thin strap sandals
The woven sun hat is a very personalized hat style. The overall style is quite suitable for summer. Choose a bohemian long skirt to match it, so that you will have a very good pastoral style when matched. Because the style of the skirt itself is a style with more conspicuous colors, when matching, you can directly choose a style with the same layered color to match. This overall matching is a bit exaggerated in normal times, but it is highly recommended for everyone to wear it during a summer picnic or when playing at the beach.

Boat collar top + jeans + woven sun hat + sandals
The one-line collar top gives off a summer vibe. It can be worn with jeans and paired with a stylish woven sun hat. This classic summer outfit exudes positivity when worn. It is a popular choice among modern urban women, offering a casual style. When putting together an outfit, it is important to consider color coordination for a well-layered look.

Vintage floral shirt + casual pants + woven sun hat + splint slippers
Vintage dressing has always been a very popular style now, so we can also try it when matching. Use a vintage shirt style and pair it with a pair of casual pants. The effect created is quite casual. At the same time, it is paired with a woven sunhat to cover most of the face, and comfortable and convenient plywood slippers are used directly on the feet. This creates a feeling as if you are living at home by the sea. It is very leisurely. It is also more suitable for everyone to often choose to wear when going to a B&B with friends in the summer.

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