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How to identify the genuine leather belts?
Genuine leather belts are crafted from authentic leather, which possesses natural qualities such as softness, breathability, water resistance, and durability. These belts provide a comfortable fit and exude a beautiful appearance.
The methods for identifying genuine leather belts mainly include the following points:
1. Cortical quality. Genuine leather belts have a delicate leather feel, are slightly shiny, are elastic, and may have a natural fur smell. Fake leather may not have this smell, or it may have a pungent chemical smell.

2. Metal fittings. The buckle of a genuine belt is usually made of pure steel or copper alloy, and the polishing process is smooth and perfect. The metal accessories of fake products may appear in the shape of spiral water waves.

3. Workmanship and detail. The edges of the authentic belt are evenly routed, the embossing is clear, and the edges are cut into a trapezoid with a 45-degree angle. Fake products may have uneven edge routing, blurred embossing, and irregular edge cutting.

4. Leather texture. Genuine genuine leather should have natural grain and texture. Fake leather may use printing or embossing techniques to create texture, or the surface texture may be too obvious.

5. Belt edge. The edges of real leather are usually smooth, while the edges of fake leather may be fuzzed and cracked.

6. Workmanship details. A good belt has neat threads and smooth seams. Fake belts may have loose threads, missing stitches, etc.

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