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How To Choose A Right Hat For You: Beret Hats, Newsboy Hat, Knitted Hat Or Bucket Cap?
To wear a right hat can make your whole look fashionable, today let's analyse different hats fit different shape of face.
1. Beret Hat
In spring season, the first thing I want to recommend to everyone is the very versatile beret hatsIt can be said that berets can hardly be chosen in any style, and their requirements for face shape are not that high, so no matter what kind of face shape problem you have, you can boldly try berets. For example, women with short faces can use berets with higher hats to make their faces longer, while women with long faces can boldly wear them diagonally to shorten the length of their faces.

2. Newsboy Hat
As the name suggests, the newsboy hat originated from selling newsboy uniform hats, so the newsboy hat naturally has a cute college atmosphere, and this kind of hat is most suitable for women with round and square faces. The reason why I say this is because the newsboy hat has reached the condition of having a high and relatively wide top. This top shape can increase the volume above your head, making your face appear smaller and more delicate.
In terms of brim design, the newsboy hat also has its unique function of modifying the face shape. The brim of the newsboy hat is mostly curved, which can reveal the rounded forehead arc. Don’t underestimate this arc, it can change your face shape. The lines look more smooth and natural.

3. Knitted Hat
How can we mention fashionable hats without mentioning the recently popular casual knitted hats? It can be said that celebrities from all walks of life are showing off the infinite charm of knitted hats. As ordinary women, we can also keep up with this trend. The characteristics of knitted hats are that they have strong wrapping properties and the height of the top of the hat is also high. It is very excellent. It can be a natural facial modification tool for women with round faces. It can make some facial modifications while highlighting the lovely texture of the round face itself.

4. Basin Cap/Bucket Hap
For women with long faces, the most recommended hat style is the bucket hat. The visual center of the basin hat is relatively low, so wearing it will naturally shorten the length of your face. At the same time, because long-faced women’s faces are naturally equipped with a strong aura, we can also amplify this advantage. The basin hat does not have too many fancy designs, and the minimalist lines will also give people a sense of intellectual and capable. If you want to try If you have a cool and tough style or a more formal workplace style, it is very suitable to choose a basin hat.
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