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How to become a elegant goddess? Berets will help you!
If there is any accessory that you must buy, it must be a hat. On the one hand, it can increase the fashion of our outfits, and on the other hand, it can visually lengthen the height ratio. There are more and more types of hats in autumn and winter. Different dressing styles need to be matched with different hats, so that we can Make the most of your hat.
Pairing a sweater with a skirt is a very gentle and elegant outfit. If paired with a
beret, it can add a sense of atmosphere to the entire outfit. A pink sweater is
gentle and sweet. The black beret looks more retro and mature.

The contrast in style also enhances the overall temperament. The contrasting
color matching of pink and black enhances the sense of hierarchy by combining
dark and light colors.

The beret hats we wear can be chosen according to our outfit. If you want
to maintain the unity of the overall match, then you can choose the color of
the hat according to the color of the clothes.

For example, pairing a black sweater with a black beret can create an echo
between the items and create a coordinated outfit with items of the same color,
thus avoiding a sense of cumbersomeness.

When we wear the hats, we also need to pay attention to one thing, that is, keep
the matching of hats as simple as possible, and do not incorporate other
accessories into the overall outfit. Too many accessories will make it look
cluttered and make people lose focus.

For example, if you wear a hat when dressing, you won't need to match it with
other accessories to avoid clutter. In terms of hairstyle, you should also keep it
as simple as possible and don't try the so-called fashion perm. Long straight hair
is often more suitable for matching with beret hats. This way it can present a
more concise image without looking cluttered.
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