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Great collection of hats! Easily play with a variety of dressing styles, fashionable and high-end
If there's any accessory you should definitely buy, it's a hat. On the one hand, it can increase our wearing fashion, on the other hand, it can also visually elongate the height ratio, there are more and more types of hats, and different dressing styles need to match different hats, so that we can play the role of hats to the extreme.
*Beret beanie hats - Suitable face shape: round face/square face/oval face/melon face1. First of all, we are talking about the beret. This beanie hat has been in the limelight in the past years. It can be worn for street photography, daily life, and commuting. It can be worn not only by girls, but also by boys, and it has a very wide audience. The main materials of berets include wool, felt, and leather. Hats made of
different materials have different textures.

2. In terms of matching, we should pay attention to the matching of the color of the beret and the clothing. It is best to match the color of the beret hats with the clothing.The material of the hat should also match the outfit. If you wear sweaters and woolen clothes, woolen berets are naturally the most suitable. If you wear leather jackets, it is recommended to choose a leather beret with the highest adaptability.

*Newsboy hats - Suitable face shape: oval face/oval face/square face
1. The newsboy hat is also a hat with a very wide audience. Compared with the beret, it has an extra "brim" and is not as stiff as a baseball cap. It is a very retro hat.
2. The newsboy hat does not match as many face shapes as the beret, but it can also match most of them. It goes without saying that there are oval faces and oval face faces, but can you imagine that the newsboy hat can also modify small square faces? The hair on both sides is let down to modify the cheeks, and the brim of the newsboy hat shortens the length of the forehead and also modifies the entire face shape. For those with small square faces, this hat can really be described as a "little savior".
3. The high matching between the newsboy hat and the retro palace style is also surprising. Velvet material clothing and velvet material newsboy hat match perfectly.

*Fisherman hat - Suitable face shape: round face/square face/oval face/melon face/diamond face
1. The fisherman hat is a casual and fashionable hat, and its audience is also very wide. The fisherman hat can be worn on round faces, square faces, diamond faces, oval faces, and melon-seed faces. The styles of fisherman hats are also quite diverse, including those with wide brim, There are hats with narrow brim, deep and long hats, and hats with shallow brim. Different groups of people should choose the one that suits them in order to fully display the fashion of the fisherman hat!
2. The wide-brimmed fisherman hat is more friendly to girls with round faces, and can also visually reduce the proportions of the face. Many people wear fisherman hats with glasses, which can be formal in casual and relaxed in formal.

*Baseball cap - Suitable face shape: oval face/oval face
1. Although baseball caps are common in summer, they are also a hat that can be matched with many looks in autumn and winter. Of course, although baseball caps are very common, if you want to wear them well, you still need to do some research on your face shape and hairstyle.
2. When wearing a baseball cap, people with good-looking ears can boldly tuck their hair behind their ears, or leave their forehead exposed without bangs. This will present a clean and neat face.
3. Sometimes tying your hair up and wearing a baseball cap can also get good results. Leaving the hair on both sides a little can also create a sporty and elegant look.
4. A baseball cap that has a sporty temperament in itself is paired with sportswear, such
as jeans and sportswear, to highlight its "temperament". In autumn and winter, it is paired with a coat. If the inner layer is a sweatshirt, it is also very good to match it with a baseball cap. 

*Knitted hat beanie - Suitable face shape: round face/oval face/melon face
The previous hats are basically suitable for all seasons, but the knitted hat
I will introduce next is limited to winter and has a unique winter atmosphere.
1. When wearing a knitted hat, basically the entire head is wrapped up, which is one of
the reasons why it is warm enough. Secondly, because of the full head-covering design,
it is a bit inappropriate for girls with big heads and big faces to wear knitted hats. This
is good news for girls with small faces.
2. Some knitted hats are designed to be soft and collapsed. Some people like this style.
It is also very suitable for girls with small faces. This style is more playful and fashionable than the upright knitted hat.

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