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A well-chosen belt will make you more attractive!
If you want your clothes to look good, you must add a lot of eye-catching items. For example, a belt, when properly integrated into an outfit, can maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses, modify your proportions, and accentuate your styling, making your overall look look more detailed, charming, and refined than others~
The belt matches well will makes you look slimmer, taller and longer.
Here are tips of different belts to match different outits:
1.Sweater + skirt + a knotted pu belt

This skirt has a quiet blue-pink print. The upper body is paired with a white sweater. A plain knotted pu belt is used to tighten the waist. The overall look is tall and good-looking without losing fashion. Women who are afraid of the cold can choose the bare-leg artifact to match Ankle boots are an elegant style~

2. White sweater + plaid skirt + vintage pin buckle belt

This set is retro and comfortable, classic and eye-catching. The warm white sweater is paired with a plaid skirt. The vintage belt elongates the line proportions. It is retro and has a gentle and friendly look. 

3. Suit (skirt) + dress belt

An outfit that has its own aura. Some suits with dropped shoulders do not need too much decoration. A black dress belt tightens the waistline to increase the proportion. It is a capsule item that can be worn alone~
Dressed in black with metallic accessories, it’s low-key, high-end and textured.

4. Blue plaid blazer/fake two-piece dress + high heels + skinny belt

Blue plaid blazer + plaid trousers, tied with a skinny belt to raise the waistline, the overall look is chic and frank; the design technique of two haze blue dresses, the romantic and light skirt creates a retro ladylike atmosphere, one is elegant and the other is a gentleman, French style outfits of the same color are so suitable for autumn~

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