Genuine Leather Belt

Genuine leather belts include crocodile leather belts, full grain cow leather belts, and split leather belts. Their characteristics are as follows:

Crocodile leather can be called platinum in leather and is known for its luxury and rareness. This is not only because the number of crocodiles is scarce, but also because the growth rate of crocodiles is slow and the cost of breeding is extremely high. The available crocodile skin is limited to the long and narrow part of the abdomen. The beauty of crocodile skin lies in its natural gradual checkered pattern. Although it lacks elasticity, the texture is very strong. There is a saying that as long as the crocodile leather is properly maintained, it will become more shiny and more flexible as it is used. Usually a belt needs to "sacrifice" more than one crocodile to make it, so crocodile leather products have always been extremely expensive in the market.

Full Grain Cow Leather Belt

A. The advantages are as follows. As a natural leather, it is the best choice. It can be made in various styles. It has good toughness, high-end and strong;

B. The disadvantages are as follows. Firstly, it is expensive, easy to change after use (easy to bend slightly in the middle of the belt), and will be slightly colored. After repeated exposure to water, it will harden and then break after drying (all real cowhide belts cannot be washed or soaked for a long time. ).

Split leather belt

A. Advantages, as a kind of leather belt, the price is slightly lower (but it depends on the brand value). Generally, casual belts are made mainly, and it can also show its noble quality, and its toughness is slightly inferior to that of the first layer of leather.

B. Disadvantages, if you only paint without smoothing, it is easy to fade. If the surface is not smooth, it must not be used on light-colored clothing.

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