Canvas Tactical Belt

The broad concept of military belts can be described as functional belts evolved from military police duty belts, including Instructor military Belt, Tactical Riggers Belt, Gun Belt, Duty Belt) and so on.

How to choose a tactical belt,it can be considered from the following four points:


The ideal width of the waistband should be between 4cm and 5cm. This is because the wider the strap, the more weight can be distributed.


Excellent load-bearing capacity. When a 2-pound or 3-pound weapon is placed in the holster and fixed, it will not sag or curl under the load.


Wear-resistant, durable, tear-resistant material.


The fasteners required for different application scenarios are also very different. For example, the tactical rappelling belt, because of its hard texture, has a triangular hanging loop on the side, and a D-ring connected to the rope. Although the type of closure of the buckle is very important, it is basically sturdy and can support the weight of the equipment you are carrying. In addition, easy adjustment and fast disassembly are also necessary.

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